vol.17 (2004)

Bulletin of Computational Science Research Center
Vol.17, 2004 ISSN 1347-6726 Published March 22, 2004

Motion Simulation for Dinosaur Type of Amusement Robot
Tomoyuki Sawada, Yutaka Tanaka
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In this research, new method as generation of motion like living things such as animal type robots is proposed and investigated instead of conventional motion capture. Motion parameters are supposed and defined by actual animals. The concept of designing a set of physical feature values is based on Laban Movement Analysis which is a famous theory in body movement psychology. Motion of a Multi-body Mechanism is also designed and calculated using the concept of the Fuzzy theory. According to the design concept and the feature values, motion of a dinosaur type robot is numerically calculated using the mechanical analysis software. Validity of the simulated motion for the dinosaur robot like real animals is experimentally evaluated through the computer graphics bodies by subjects.
Tele-Operated Hydraulic Excavator with Immersive Virtual Environment
Hirohito Hagiwara, Hirokuni Beppu, Yutaka Tanaka
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In the case of tele-operation of construction machineries, it is conventionally used to operate CCD camera images. It is difficult for operators to take a sense of distance to targets through the CCD camera image. Furthermore, the CCD camera image has a problem to generate communication time delay. In this paper, system that tele-operated system of a hydraulic excavator with immersive virtual environment has been proposed and developed. The immersive virtual environment using the Vision Dome is provided and high quality of realistic sensations are realized. It is experimentally verified that the communication time the immersive virtual environment compensates delay and workload between real workspace and remote operating space using the tele-operated system.
Numerical Analysis of Flow within Ultra- Highly Loaded Turbine Casede
- Influence of Tip Clearance -

Kouji Ishihara, Jun Itakura, Junpei Yamamoto, Shimpei Mizuki, Hoshio Tsujita
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The increase of blade loading of a turbine cascade makes it possible to reduce the number of blades and stages, and consequently to decrease both the weights and the costs for manufacturing and main tenance. However, the strong secondary flow appears in such highly loaded turbine cascades due to the high turning angles and reduces the efficiencies. In the present study, the effects of the tip clearance size(TCL) on the aerodynamic performance of a stationary linear ultra-highly loaded turbine cascade(UHLTC), which will be used for the future gas turbine engines of hypersonic transport, were investigated numerically.
The Vibration Characteristic of Sirocco Fan by Modal Analysis
Jun Odate, Manabu Hosaka, Mitsuo Iwahara, Gaku Minorikawa, Akio Nagamatsu
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Many products are designed by experience and intuition of engineers and are also developed by the repetition of a trial product and an experiment. However, the design conditions which become future still severer are fulfilled, and in order to increase efficiency of development. Raising accuracy etc. from the conventional technique is wanted to produce a new technique. In recent years, modal analysis is beginning to be effectively used for anticipation and elucidation of a vibration phenomenon. Experimental modal analysis with frequency response functions by vibration testing is a series of methods of extracting the dynamic characteristic of the system in the form of the modal parameters. It is widely used as base technology of vibration analysis. Moreover, use of the simulation analysis of the vibration in a design step is becoming familiar by rapid progress of computer and software. The purpose of this study is identification of modal parameters with the nonlinear optimum method as the experimental modal analysis technique. This technique is correctly extended to a multi-point response in differential iteration method. User interfaces are constructed with MATLAB in personal computer. This system is applied for sirocco fan and compared with FEM results.
Form Optimization of The Micro Impeller Using Heat Deformation
Masao Watari, Mituo Iwahara, Akio Nagamatu, Simpei Mizuki
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This micro impeller consists of a Solid element, so it is difficult to be defined a design variable by the optimization technique to which the mathematical pseudo-inverse method used at this laboratory until now was suitable for the Shell element. Then a form change using heat deformation was made, so that optimization of the impeller this time could be performed, and stress reduction of the model was tried.
Vibration and The Sound Simulation of a Golf Clab
Kouki Iwasa, Masao Watari, Mituo Iwahara, Akio Nagamatu, Gaku Minorikawa
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The product in personal appearance has some which are commercialized using the vibration phenomenon. Commercial production is just going to become problem about the swing sound of a golf club, and collision with a ball by that a feeling improves golf. Then, it is the latter which is taken up as a research subject this time. The experiment, the simulation, and the calculation value of Mizuno were identified. Collision sound was predicted to some extent in the design stage on it and to improvement the sound program which was created in FORTRAN compared with the sound of an experiment.
A crack Cause Elucidation and Structure Optimization of Impeller for a Large-Sized Fan
Masahiro Ohtake, Katsuya Kumeda, Mitsuo Iwahara, Akio Nagamatsu
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In this research, in order to clarify the cause of the impeller for a large-sized fan by which the crack occurred during actual operation at the joint part of the main board and Blade, vibration and stress analysis using the finite element method were performed. The analysis result showed that the cause of a crack of impeller is for concentration stress to occur in the joint part of the main board and Blade owing to the wave phenomenon of the side board by centrifugal force. Then, the structure optimization by pseudo-inverse method was performed for the purpose of stress reduction. When the design variable was made into the board thickness of an element, design constraint was made into the maximum stress and repetition calculation was performed, stress was able to be reduced to the target value by calculation of four calculations.
Research on The Vibration Characteristic of a Sympathy Silencer
Hiroyuki Okano, Gaku Minorikawa, Mituo Iwahara, Akio Nagamatsu
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The purpose of this study is identification of modal parameters of a sympathy silencer with the nonlinear optimum method as the experimental modal analysis technique. This technique is correctly extended to a multi-point response in differential iteration method. User interfaces are constructed with MATRAB in personal computer. This system is applied for the a bar of duct. And the experimental modal parameters are compared with FEM results.
Using FEM and Structure Optimization, Improvement of Cymbal Sound Quality
Keisuke Yuasa, Mituo Iwahara, Gaku Minorikawa, Akio Nagamatsu
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This paper describes improvement of cymbal sound quality. At first we record the cymbal sound in time-domain to research the quality. In frequency-doma in, we make a sound of cymbal to reduce the power level of frequency band by using FFT, and return in time-domain by using IFFT. We inspect in the method of paired comparison and choose best sound at the result of the inspection. To make a cymbal which has the good sound quality, analyzed the experimental mode, executed by using FEM and optimized the structure model. At the results, it is possible to link structure analysis and evaluation of sound quality.
Development of Simplified Simulation for Turbulent Diffusion Flame by Using Model of Overall One Step Reaction Formula
Michihiro Chino, Tadashige Kawakami
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Numerical Simulations of turbulent diffusion flame for methane in air have been carried out to examine the behavior of temperature, concentration of fuel and distribution of velocity near the flame holder by using model of overall one step reaction formula. Initial conditions for turbulent diffusion flame for methane correspond to 300 K and 0.1 MPa and a mixture of 79% nitrogen and 21% oxygen by volume is used as a substitute for air. The research results show that 1) The highest calculated value of temperature near the flame holder is of the order of 2000 K 2) The model of overall one step reaction formula is fairly useful for determining the combustion characteristics of turbulent diffusion flame.
Numerical Simulations of Space Debris Impact on Geosynchronous Earth Orbit
- Effects of Debris Mass and Nose Shape -

Keita Fukushima, Masahide Katayama, Yutaka Tanaka, Kazuyoshi Arai
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The ballistic limit and failure mechanism of aluminum alloy A6061-T6 using as material against space debris impact of an artificial satellite were investigated at projectile velocities typical of space debris impact on Geosynchronous Earth Orbit. The effects of the projectile mass and nose shapes on the ballistic limit and failure mechanism of A6061-T6 were discussed using the results of numerical simulations and impacts tests.
Phase Transition Water Micro Cluster by Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Ryousuke Kanie, Yosuke Kataoka
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We have estimated the free energy of water micro cluster by using Molecular Dynamics. The nucleation free energies of 8 and 30 particle clusters are obtained as the difference between the Helmholz free energies of the cluster simulation and phase transition simulation. The former is simulation from low temperature to high temperature including argon as a carrier gas. The latter is simulation under high density to prevent the cluster decomposition. We used application program “WinMASHYC” for present simulation.
A Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Electrically Charged Particle system
Hiromitu Oinuma, Yosuke Kataoka
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We have estimated the Electrically Charged model by using Molecular Dynamics… We used application program “FUJITSU WinMASHYC 2. 0pro for Windows” for present simulation.
Shape Recognition of The Spine with Snakes and Its Application for Diagnosing Osteoporosis
Kazumitsu Kondou, Koichi Ogawa, Tomoaki Nagaoka, Kiyoko Sakurai
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Bone mineral density (BMD) is an index in the diagnosis of osteoporosis. But the BMD value sometimes does not correlate to the prognosis of this disease. We have studied methods for diagnosing the osteoporosis by means of information obtained from a CT image of the third lumbar vertebra. In this study we extracted outlines of various areas automatically from the CT image and calculated three types of parameters useful to diagnose the osteoporosis. The snake algorithm was applied to extract contour of the foramen and the trabecular bone region with a newly developed energy function, and it succeeded in the automatic outline extraction with high accuracy. Moreover, clinical usefulness of obtained parameters was examined with a statistical analysis.
Robust Character Recognition of License Plates under Unfavorable Conditions
Makoto Nishimura, Koichi Ogawa
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This paper proposes a new method for recognizing characters in the license plate of a moving vehicle from an image acquired with an ITV camera system. The proposed method uses the spatial information in the image. In the recognition of the characters, we used correlation coefficient maps calculated from character templates. Results obtained by an experiment showed that the proposed method had robustness in recognizing the characters in the license plate.
Recognition of Structure of Mathematical Expressions in a Document
Tomoyuki Takeuchi, Koichi Ogawa
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This paper proposes a new method for recognizing a structure of mathematical expressions in a document. This recognition method is based on the location of symbols which appear in the mathematical expression. The newly developed algorithm was tested by means of samples extracted from a textbook and the accuracy of recognition was evaluated.
Robust Vehicle Detection with Optical Flow
Minoru Yaguchi, Koichi Ogawa
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We present a robust vehicle detection method with optical flow which calculates image velocity from spatiotemporal intensity derivatives. This method is based on the regularization technique which is reported by Horn and Schunk. In our proposed method the position where optical flow exists is calculated with a higher regularized parameter-value and the average flow vector within a vehicle is calculated on above positions by a smaller regularized parameter-value. The performance of the proposed method was clarified by the simulation.
Two Dimensional Frame Analysis Using Object-Oriented Approach
Shigeyuki Maeda,Yasuji Fukahori, Hiroshi Takeda
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The difficulties involved in developing and maintaining complicated software systems have prompted engineers to develop newer and sophisticated programming tools. Object-oriented programming(OOP)is one such development and languages supporting it have become popular in recent years. In the field of educational apprecation soft (structure analysis) also, there have been attempts to make use of the facilities offered by object-oriented languages.
Spatial Composition of Streetscapes in Georgetown, Penang Spatial Evaluation of Streetscapes by Using the 3D Visualization System
Naomi Ando, Hirohisa Abe, Masashi Ishiguro, Tomoki Kunihiro, Yasuhiro Iida
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Streetscapes in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia have a huge variety of their spatial expression. There is the multiethnic population, the mixed environment of the tradition and the modern, and the coexistence of the new construction and the preservation. This study investigates the spatial composition and the morphological configuration of the streetscapes in Georgetown.
Technical Innovation of Quantitative Business Administration Study Utilizing Internet, LAN, Managerial Economics, and Management Sciences An experimental case study at the Hosei University, Koganei Campus
Kimihiko Goto
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As one proposal to comply with the national requirement for the innovation of Information Technology (IT) Education and Research, A new method of “Quantitative Business Administration” is being proposed and experimented by the Applied Economics Laboratory at the Hosei University. We used the theories of Management Science, Mathematical Statistics and Applied Economics.
Attendance System by Web Environment
Norimichi Ishida
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In recent years, the use of web environment for the information retrieval and communication systems has become increasingly important with campus life to access the required information. This use is based on network system. As one of the application of the network, we made “attendance system” byPerl language. Students are click from note PC via information terminal(plug outlet) on class room. Students need only student ID number to input into thir seat on terminal display. As the result, teachers can easy recogniton with attendance student. This is first step in the interactive education program.
Selection of Image Data Compression Model
Sawa Matsuyama
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On the selection of the most suitable model from several statistical models, the model of which AIC (Akaike Information Criterion) is minimum, is selected as the suitable model. In this study, we propose the application of the AIC as the methodology for selecting the most suitable model for data compression on discrete wavelets transform, that is, the compressions of two dimensional data are made by wavelets transform, and we select the minimum AIC model as the suitable one. The same method is applied to the analysis of a couple of images, and we see that it can be also valid for an evaluation of the efficiency of data compression.