Yuji Tokiwa (Professor)

tokiwa_164x164Research Area

He conducts a research and development on Information Infrastructure of universities. And he complies a body of knowledge on Collaborative Learning Environment  (CLEBOK) to develop a learning environment in universities.




  • Yuji Tokiwa, Koji Nonobe, and Masami Iwatsuki, “Web-based Tools to Sustain the Motivation of Students in Distance Education”, Frontiers in Education Conference, 2009 IEEE.
  • Yuji Tokiwa, Makoto Miyazaki, Yuki Yamada, Etsushi Sato, “An instructional practice based on handwritten answer sheets with a course management system”, Frontiers in Education Conference, 2013 IEEE, pp779-781, 2013.
  • Junko Toyoshima, Soichiro Fujii, Yuji Tokiwa, “Development of a Mobile-Friendly Classroom Support System to Improve Students’ Presentation Skills”, Frontiers in Education Conference, 2016 IEEE, 2016.


  • Yuji Tokiwa, Daisuke Deguchi, Juan Jose Merono Sanchez, Jose Mariano Lujan Gonzalez, Diego del Blanco Orobitg, “Translating Apereo Software: A Case Study using Sakai and Transifex”, Open Apereo Concerence, 2015.
  • Yuji Tokiwa, Daisuke Deguchi, Hisashi Hatakeyama, Shoji Kajita, Soichiro Fujii,”Ja Sakai Panel Session”, Open Apereo Concerence, 2016.
  • Yuji Tokiwa, Soichiro Fujii, Yuichi Kaji, Daisuke Deguchi, Takahiro Sanada, Shoji Kajita, “Sharing i18n Practices and Issues – Translation, LTI/Caliper, Tool Customization”, Open Apereo Concerence, 2017.


  • Japanized Sakai (KEL)
  • IR system for universities (Microsoft)
  • Research system featuring private cloud (Dell)
  • Collaborative Learning Environment with micro blog (Digital Garage)]
  • Contents delivery system for Digital Signage (SONY)
  • Digital paper solution (SONY)
  • The Classwork Assist Box (Fuji Xerox)
  • Open Academic Tube (Kokusai Technology Center)


  • Network Application Design Theory
  • Computer Science Theory


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