Research Center for Computing and Multimedia Studies is promoting a research and development about large-scaled information systems and information media powered education system. To plan, do and support an IT-aided education, this research center was founded to aim the deployment of education and research about Information media infrastracture and the employment of Information Technology. Followings illustrate our research and development.

  1. Comprehensive research and survey about large scaled information systems and computer sciences
  2. Research and development about educational support sytems
  3. Deployment and leadership about IT supported education
  4. Research and development about contents and methods for instructions using multimedia intensively
  5. Plan and support for education related to (1) – (4) above
  6. Outreach through (1) – (4) above


This research center was establish in 1964 as the Computer Center, Hosei University. In 1997, with the inauguration of the Computing and Network Center, this research center was renamed as Computational Science Research Center and the mission was also redefined to promote the research on the next generation computational science technology. The organization was also changed to dedicate the research and the support for research. After that, in September 2005 this research center was renamed as Research Center for Computing and Multimedia Studies and was expanding the research area to the information media research in addition to the comprehensive computational science up to the present date.

 1964  Computer Center, Hosei University was founded at the Koganei Campus and a mainframe computer was introduced.
 1994  With introduction of a super computer, the computer system was replaced to UNIX distributed environment.
 1997  The organization was changed from the Computer Center to the Computational Science Research Center.
 2000  A large scale visualizaion system was introduced.
 2005  The organization was changed from the Computational Science Research Center to the Research Center for Computing and Mulitimedia Studies.



4th Floor, Administration Building of Koganei Campus, Hosei University
3-7-2 Kajino Cho, Koganei City, Tokyo, JAPAN 184-8584 (Map)
Tel:  +81 42 387 6074 Fax: +81 42 387 6085 Mail: media@ml.hosei.ac.jp