Welcome to the Research Center for Computing and Multimedia Studies, Hosei University.

This research center aims to research and develop IT-intensive computing science and media-intensive educational system.


Information Media Symposium 2012

Dec., 2015 AXIES 2015 Conference
Mar., 2015 Research Center Symposium / Ja Sakai conference
Dec., 2014 AXIES 2014 Conference
Oct., 2014 Publication released granted by Promation of Global Human Resource Development
Mar., 2014 International Symposium
Oct., 2013 Research Center Symposium
Mar., 2013 International Symposium
Dec., 2012 AXIES 2012 Conference
Oct., 2012 Research Center Symposium
Jun., 2012 Jasig/Sakai Conference
Mar., 2012 5th Ja Sakai Conference
Sep., 2011 Research Center Symposium